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Budget & Finance

chaired by Mohamad Orra

Article IV Section 1
The Treasurer will serve as the Chairman of this committee. The duties of the Budget and Finance Committee are:
(1) To prepare an annual budget by October 15th of each year.
(2) To serve as an advisory committee to the Mosque Council throughout the year by:
(a) Monitoring the short term and long term finances of the Islamic Center.
(b) Monitoring current Federal and State regulatory requirements (IRS).

To get involved with this committee contact our committee chair, Mohamad Orra.

Contact Mohamad

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Mahjabeen Islam, Council Member

Bio coming soon!         Contact Mahjabeen Email:

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Saba Zafar, Council Member and chair of Religion & Education

Saba has been a part of the Toledo community for 18 years. Her and her husband, Saleem, are the third generation of ICGT members in their family. Prior to moving to Toledo, Saba attended medical school in Pakistan. She is now raising her two daughters, who regularly attend ICGT's Sunday School and Pillars Youth program. Saba has participated in programming arranged at the Center for the last few years, including organizing and managing booths at the International Festival and assisting with Sunday kitchen responsibilities. Saba is hopeful that...

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Ali Abou-Arab, Council Member and Chair of Long Range Planning

For over 10 years Ali Abouarab has been a leader and innovator in his regional role with GDI Services. He has successfully led and developed a multi-state operation all while happily married to his beautiful wife Mariam for almost 15 years. Ali and Mariam have 2 sweet daughters, Jenna who is 5 and Emilia who will be celebrating her 4th birthday  in December. Ali actively grew up in the ICGT community with his parents and 3 older brothers and now happily lives in Perrysburg where the mosque is only a short drive away. While...

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Nada Kaake, Council Member and Chair of Membership

Nada is the middle child of Habib and Soubhieh Kaake. She was born and raised in Toledo, and has been heavily involved in the community from a young age, beginning by attending Sunday School at the Islamic Center then eventually becoming a Sunday school teacher for a few years. Nada is very passionate about everything she has her hand in, and that includes giving back to the very community that has raised her, and has become dedicated to volunteering and helping with planned events like the yearly International Festival and in...

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David Shelton, Council Member and Chair of Building & Maintenance

David has served on the ICGT Council since 2017. He is a field technician with T-Mobile and has over 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. He and his wife, Amy are long-time ICGT community members and have served in various volunteer capacities at the center. His wife, Amy, is the Pre-School and Pre-K Director and Teacher at the Islamic School of Greater Toledo.  David is currently the Chair of Building and Property Maintenance committee. David and Amy are parents to David and Sofia, both ICGT Sunday School and ISGT alumni...

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Mariam Abdoney, Council Member and Chair of Social Services

Mariam is the third daughter of Hassan and Aziza Abdoney. She was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Mariam grew up at both the original Islamic Center on Bancroft St., as well as at the current Islamic Center of Greater Toledo. Mariam has been actively involved in the Center her whole life. She has volunteered in the Sunday School as a teacher and has volunteered in running the Sunday kitchen for many years. Mariam is a critical care nurse at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. She also works as a home health...

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Rowaida Smidi-Darwich, Council Member and Chair of Ways & Means

Rowaida has served on the Council of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo since January 2015. She chaired the Ways and Means committee which included tasks such as organizing weekly Sunday coffee hours and helping organize fundraising dinners for the mosque. She has also been the Chair of the Religion and Education committee. Helping out with the full-time school and Sunday school were just a few of her responsibilities. Prior to serving on the Center's Council, she was President of the Islamic School of Greater Toledo Board. Her children all attended the...

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M. Naushad Hasan, Council Member

Naushad holds a Master’s of Engineering degree in Industrial and System Engineering from the University of Michigan, as well as a Bachelor’s of Electrical & Computer Engineering degree from Youngstown State University. Naushad works for Buckeye Partners, L.P, an oil and gas distribution Company, as a Project Manager specializing in controls and automation systems. Naushad enjoys spending time with his two daughters Maham & Sania along with his wife Mehreen Hassan. Naushad's hobbies include playing cricket, flying radio-controlled airplanes and drones, and volunteering. Naushad has been involved in the Building and Property Maintenance...

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Mir Rian Ali, Secretary

Rian is a lifelong Ohioan having grown up in Cleveland prior to moving to Toledo to attend the University of Toledo where he earned a BA in Creative Writing and an MBA in International Business and Management. Rian is the Chief Information Officer at the Lucas Group and has been working in the Human Capital industry for over 15 years. He is married to Mubeen Ali and has two daughters, Izzah and Jaza. Rian has actively been assisting with the Islamic Food Bank of Toledo and has been also been chairing...

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