Religious Services

Find out about the following services the Islamic Center offers our community:

Marriage Services


Requirements of a marriage ceremony at the Islamic Center include:

  • Bride and Groom with valid IDs
  • Two witnesses with valid IDs
  • An Ohio marriage license
  • Fee of $200 if members

An appointment is necessary.

For divorce, the Islamic Center only issues a letter (religious document) based on the decision of the court.  An appointment is necessary.


Aneesa Shaheen via email at

Funeral Services

“…Verily, unto God do we belong and, verily, unto Him we shall return.” (Quran ) 2:156

Click Qur’an above for link to Arabic and recitation

NEW: Covid-19 Funeral Policy


The Holy Qur’an teaches us that life is a test in preparation for the hereafter. The Islamic funeral or Janaza is considered a final service and an act of respect for our loved ones. It is also a time to reflect on our own brief existence here on earth. The Islamic Center is committed to providing religious services and guidance to all Muslims in performing the religious duties of an Islamic funeral.

At the Islamic Center, we understand that losing a loved one is a time of grief, with many arrangements to consider. In order to make the process as easy as possible, we are prepared to assist you with all of your burial needs from start to finish, including:

  • Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the Burial Preparation Room at ICGT
  • Placing an obituary in the local newspaper
  • Arrangements for obtaining death certificate and burial permit *
  • Purchase of a grave and vault, if not already owned
  • Arrangements for the opening and closing of the grave
  • Specially trained volunteers to perform ghusl (Islamic burial washing). The body is washed and shrouded in a kafan.
  • Janaza (funeral) prayer at the Islamic Center led by the Imam after Salat al-Dhuhr
  • Transportation of the deceased from ICGT to the Islamic cemetery section at Highland Memory Gardens or any other cemetery for burial
  • During weekdays, burial can be performed in about 48 hours, provided that all documentation is completed before noon
  • Weekend burials can also be arranged, as needed

If you have a death in the family, please call the Islamic Center at 419.874.3509 for more information about funeral arrangements at the Center.

** After normal business hours (4 pm EST), please call the after hours line for the Islamic Center at 419-973-1614 or Witzler-Shank Funeral Home at 419-874-3133.

Zakat Guidelines

“Those who believe and do deeds of righteousness and establish regular prayers and give regular charity will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.” Qur’an 2: 277

Click Qur’an above for link to Arabic and recitation

Find out about the following services the Islamic Center offers our community:


The Zakat Committee was created to provide limited financial aid to assist community members who need temporary support. The committee also provides guidance with special cases as needed.

What is Zakat?

Zakat is different than charity, which is encouraged at any time and is voluntary. Zakat is an obligatory annual payment to help those in need. An important Islamic principle is that all things belong to God and that one’s wealth is held in trust. Our possessions are purified by setting aside a portion for those in need. Each Muslim calculates his or her own zakat individually and typically contributes an annual payment of two and a half percent of one’s net capital.

Funding for the Islamic Center’s Zakat Program comes from the Center’s Zakat al-Fitra contributions and other contributions from individuals.

The Islamic Center’s Zakat Program provides three forms of assistance to those in need

  • Food Vouchers This voucher allows individuals to purchase groceries from our Islamic Food Bank.
  • Rental Assistance To qualify for this program, the beneficiary must fill out an application and submit supporting documents, such as identification, rental agreement, and three days’ notice to pay rent. The amount paid is a partial amount paid directly to the landlord, which an individual can utilize once a year.
  • Utility Assistance The applicant must bring his/her utility bill which shows the amount due in the delinquent stage, and identification must match the same address on the utility bill. The bill will be paid directly to the utility company.

How Do I Apply for Zakat?

Fill out a Zakat Request Form and submit it to the Center office. Qualification for assistance is determined by the committee after reviewing the applications and conducting a private interview. The committee meets monthly. You will be notified if approved.

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