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Ways & Means

chaired by Rowaida Smidi-Darwich

Article IV Section 11 The duties of the Ways and Means Committee include: (1) To plan for social and cultural events, such as dinners, etc., with the assistance and cooperation of the Mosque Societies. (2) To develop special ways and means projects to facilitate raising funds for the Islamic Center. To get involved with this committee contact our committee chair, Rowaida Smidi-Darwich. Contact Rowaida Email:  

Our Administration

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Social Services

chaired by Mariam Abdoney

Article IV Section 10 The Social Services Committee will have the following duties: (1) To provide for the social well-being of the members of the community. (2) To provide assistance programs for needy Muslims. (3) To cooperate with other community service organizations. To get involved with this committee contact our committee chair, Mariam Abdoney. Contact Mariam Email:  

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Religion & Education

chaired by Saba Zafar

Article IV Section 9 Duties of this committee include: (1) To prepare a curriculum of study for religious education for Muslim children. (2) To provide educational programs and seminars for adults. (3) To supervise the instruction in the religious education programs. (4) To assist in preparing programs for Islamic Holy days. (5) To recommend fees, such as tuition, etc., for consideration by the Mosque Council and to coordinate school registration with the Membership Committee. (6) To provide a library and bookstore for the dissemination of information concerning Islam.   To get involved with this committee contact our...

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Public Relations

Article IV Section 8 The Public Relations Committee shall: (1) Study and arrange to obtain adequate background data to determine the existence of problems that indicate the need for public relations programs. (2) Study and recommend a plan to implement a public relations program for the Islamic Center. (3) Study and recommend methods of financing a public relations program. (4) Review and coordinate efforts with other organizational committees to achieve maximum impact and success of the public relations program. (5) Establish and train a speakers’ bureau so that speakers are available to speak about Islam, if necessary. (6) Monitor newspapers,...

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Article IV Section 7 The duties of the Publications Committee are: (1) To publish the official newsletter/magazine of the Islamic Center on a regular basis as determined by the Mosque Council. (2) To study and recommend methods to improve the official publication. (3) To study and recommend methods of financing the official publication. (4) To assist with and coordinate all public information brochures published by the Islamic Center.  

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Article IV Section 6 The committee shall be composed of the Chairman of the Board of Elders, three (3) members of the Mosque Council, and three (3) Active members of the Mosque Assembly. The duties of the Nominating Committee are as follows: (1) To be responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for nomination of members of the Mosque Council for the Annual Meeting or as a vacancy may arise. (2) To verify the credentials of each nominee. (3) To obtain a written consent-to-serve form from each nominee. (4) To obtain the certification of the Board of Elders for the...

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chaired by Nada Kaake

Article IV Section 5 The Membership Committee shall: (1) Promote and enlist membership in the Islamic Center. (2) Encourage attendance by members of the community at the Islamic Center programs and activities. (3) Provide programs (other than religious) to encourage membership participation. (4) Provide recommendations to the Mosque Council for recognition of outstanding achievements or service to the Islamic community by Muslims and non-Muslims. (5) Provide recommendations to the Mosque Council for determination of cases of indigence in the community to facilitate waiving of membership and other fees as it deems appropriate. To get involved with this committee...

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Long Range Planning

chaired by Ali Abou-Arab

Article IV Section 4 The duties of the Long Range Planning Committee are: (1) In conjunction with the Endowment, to establish long-term priorities for the Islamic Center, to establish annual targets and goals for the Islamic Center, and to seek property for future expansion of the Islamic Center. (2) To prepare plans for any additions, alterations, or new construction for the Islamic Center and to supervise said construction. (3) To generally perform the planning function of the Islamic Center. (4) To maintain the architectural integrity of the interior and exterior of the Islamic Center and...

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Constitution & By-Laws

chaired by Michael Saleh

Article IV Section 3
The Vice President shall be Chairman of this committee. The duties of the committee are:
(1) To periodically review the Constitution and Bylaws and make recommendations for necessary and/or desirable amendments.
(2) To prepare the proposed amendments and to submit them for acceptance by the Mosque Council and the Board of Elders.
(3) To prepare those changes accepted by the Mosque Council for consideration and action by the Mosque Assembly.

To get involved with this committee contact our committee chair, Michael Saleh.

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Building & Maintenance

chaired by David Shelton

Article IV Section 2
The duties of this committee shall be:
(1) To be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the Mosque and hall.
(2) To be responsible for maintaining other properties of the Islamic Center.
(3) To collect and to turn over to the Treasurer any rentals from the Islamic Center properties.
(4) To be responsible for the recording of the cemetery lots and the receipt of proceeds from their sale.
(5) To propose to Mosque Council rental rates for the use of the Islamic Center property as...

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