Al-Nour Weekend School Staff


Sanaa Jouejati
Weekend School Director

Arabic Language and Culture Certified Teacher & Consultant, Curriculum Development, Technology Integration, Online Teaching, Ohio Foreign Language Association – Technology & World Languages Committee


Mohamed Shalabe
Weekend School Principal


Elly Al-Bataineh
Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Elly Al-Bataineh is graduate of the University of Toronto. She is a Certified TEFL English Teacher specializing in Teaching English to Arabic Speakers and Teaching Test Preparation Courses.

Elly is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and speaks conversational Arabic. She is new to the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo and Ohio.


Rubab Kaniz
Pre-K Teachers Assistant


Cherrefe Kadri
Teacher of Kindergarten and 1st grade


Najet Mejri
Level 1 Teacher

Najet Mejri is a professional in the field of computer science and linguistics. She has been trained in the specialty of “Technical Agent in Office Automation and Administrative Data Processing” at the Elite of Computer Science and Accounting of Mjez el Bab, Tunisia. She also Studied Arabic Literature at the University of Tunis Tunisia. In 2016, she earned a degree in Applied Business “Medical Office Support” from Owens Community College. Furthermore, Najet has had the opportunity to provide individual language and religious lessons to students ages 3 to 10. Najet is fluent in Arabic and French and has lived in many countries, including Tunisia, Italy, Qatar, and the United States.


Yasmin Mahmood
Level 1 Teachers Assistant


Dana Alshehaddeh
Level 2 Teacher

My Name is Dana. My nationality is Syrian. I’m a student at University of Toledo. I was born and live in Kuwait. I used to attend Quran, Tajweed & Arabic classes since I was 8 years old. I memorized half of the Quran in Kuwait. I have a certificate for every Juzu’ I memorized.
In the US I have been teaching with Albayan school & The American Quraan institute for 2 years. I’m working on getting Ijaza of Quraan from Shaikh Abu Salman and I’m almost done.


Khadijah Al-jabri
Level 3 Teacher

Khadiga Al-Jabri is the face of the ISGT having been its dedicated secretary for more than 4 years. Originally from Tripoli, Libya, Miss Khadiga is a graduate of St. Joseph Academy in Adrian, Michigan. She also attended the University of Toledo where she studied biology in a pre-med program. Miss Khadiga enjoys working with children and loves watching them grow and discover new things, and the children love her! In her free time, Miss Khadiga likes taking long walks, bird watching and exploring nature.


Rehana Ahmed
Seminar 1: Quran Tafseer


Ghada Elkhatib
Seminar 2: Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)