The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo is run by its Council which consists of 13 members who are elected from the membership according to its Constitution.

After Council elections, the Executive Committee is elected from among the 13 Council members. The workings of the Council of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo are transparent and well documented. The Board of Elders is nominated from the community and provides oversight and historic continuity to the workings of the Islamic Center.

Office Staff

The Office Staff of the Islamic Center are the core of the institution. They are at the Center 5 days a week available to the Muslim community and the community at large.

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pm.

If you would like to speak with the Imam, please call ahead for an appointment as the Imam is often out of the office on visitations with community members, meetings or other Center obligations.

  • Imam: Talal EidImamEidPhoto
    Contact info:
    Office: 419-874-3509
    Cell: 617-365-7427
  • Secretary: Aneesa ShaheenNoPictureAvailable-1
    Contact info:
    Office: 419-874-3509

Board of Trustees

The Committees of the Islamic Center work diligently, and with the cooperation of the members as well as productive interaction with other committees, the Mission of the Islamic Center is advanced.

  • Chair: Hussien Y. Shousher
    Hussein Shousher
  • James S. AdrayNoPictureAvailable-1
  • Naveed AhmedNaveed-crop
  • M. Razi RafeeqRazi-crop
  • Abdel Wahab SolimanAbdelWahab

Council – 2016

    • President: Nadia Ashraf-Moghal


  • Vice-President: Ahmad Taouil



  • Secretary: Najwa Badawi


  • Treasurer: S. Saeed Zafer


  • Council Member: Rowaida Smidi-Darwich
    Ways and Means CommitteeRoweidaDarwish-crop
  • Council Member: Mouin Elkhatib
    Festival CommitteeNoPictureAvailable-1
  • Council Member: Belal Tawil
    Information Technology CommitteeNoPictureAvailable-1
  • Council Member: Cherrefe Kadri
    Religion and Education Committee
    Youth Committee


  • Council Member:  Sana Ashraf Ali
    Social Services CommitteeNoPictureAvailable-1


  • Council Member: Mohamed Youssef
    Long Range Planning Committee


  • Council Member: Habib KhanNoPictureAvailable-1


  • Council Member: Mona Al-Hayani
    Religion and Education
  • Council Member: Mohamad Orra
    Co-Treasurer/Chair Membership CommitteeM Orra


The Committees

  • Budget and Finance
    Chair: S. Saeed ZaferSaeed-crop
  • Building and Property Maintenance
    Chair: Ahmad Taouil
  • Constitution and Bylaws
    Chair: Ahmad TaouilAhmad-crop
  • Long Range Planning
    Chair: Mohamed YoussefHajj-crop
  • Membership
    Chair: Mohamad OrraMOrra-crop
  • Nominating
    Chair: Hussien Y. ShousherHussein Shousher
  • Publications
  • Public Relations/Social Media
    Chair: Najwa BadawiNajwa-crop
  • Religion and Education/Youth
    Chair: Cherrefe KadriCherrefe-crop
  • Social Services
    Chair: Sana Ashraf Ali
  • Ways and Means
    Chair: Rowaida Smidi-DarwichRoweidaDarwish-crop
  • Festival
    Chair: Mouin Elkhatib
  • Information Technology
    Chair: Belal Tawil

Other Temporary and/or adhoc committees deemed necessary by the Mosque council.