President’s Message

Assalaamu Alaikum:

Thank you for visiting the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo’s website. The ICGT is located in Perrysburg Township and is one of the first mosques in Ohio. The ICGT is not only a mosque, it is also a community center. I invite you to visit us and discover the beauty of our Center. This will give you an opportunity to meet our diverse and friendly community represented by dozens of different ethnicities.

We are lucky to have a knowledgeable and moderate Imam, Dr. Talal Eid. He focuses on the practice of Islam in America and has brought a highly educated and informed vision of Islam to our Center. He strives to create an image of Islam that is consistent with our American ideals. Interfaith dialogue and community outreach has always been a major goal of our Center and Imam Eid has continued to carry on this tradition.

We offer Friday and Sunday services as well as daily prayers. The ICGT has a large social hall where we have a coffee hour and community brunch weekly on Sundays. It is also available for private use. There is a fully stocked library, bookstore, as well as a game room for our youth. We also offer a Weekend School for all ages and have a full-time Islamic school from Pre-K thru Grade 3.  We have a newly constructed picnic shed (The Khan Pavilion), basketball court and cricket pitch for our members to enjoy.

Keep up to date with our activities and programming through the “EVENTS” tab of this website and follow us on our Facebook page. If you would like more information, please contact Aneesa Shaheen, the ICGT secretary, at 419.874.3509 so we can add you to our contact list.  You can also text ICGT to 84576 and sign up to join our mailing list.

Hope to see you at our next event!

Nadia Ashraf-Moghal