Imam’s Message

ICGT 2018 March Religious Activities and
Lectures Conducted by Imam Dr. Talal Eid

Dear community members and friends,
AsSalãm Alaikum, Peace to All

I would like to share with you the below ICGT March lectures and religious activities. All lectures and sermons are open to the public to participate or observe. Please feel free to invite your friends and neighbors, and of course members of your family, especially the young ones. My lectures are well crafted to suit young adult Muslims so that to understand Islam in a healthy atmosphere. Please feel free to share with me a topic of your interest to help me prepare for future lectures. May Allãh (God) bless our community.

Friday, March 2:  

a) Congregational Prayer at 1:30: Sermon “Love and Affection in Islam.”

b) 7:00pm special guest: Br. Ahmad Deeb, a young man scholar from Bayan Claremont School of Theology (CA) is visiting ICGT to speak to our youth and young adults. Community members are encouraged to attend with their children to discuss the daily challenges and observances of young Muslims. Refreshments will be served.

Sunday, March 4:

a) 10:45-11:30: Seminar for adults including college and high school students: an open discussion about religion and society.

b) 12:30 pm: PowerPoint Lecture: “Life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) in Makkah & Madinah.” (Part 17)

A monthly series that covers the history of Islam in detail. It is helpful for those interested to learn about the standard ethical behavior of our prophet and how he, in a short time, managed to bring together a divided community and be a role model for humanity. Part 17 will cover the 10-13th year before Hijrah.

Friday, March 9:

a) Congregational Prayer at 1:30: Sermon “Contrasts and Similarities in Understanding Islamic Faith.”

b) 6:30 pm: Family Circle Night: Stories from the Qur’ãn. A children and youth program; a seminar for parents and adults; and arts & crafts for younger kids. (a flyer will follow with more details)

Sunday, March 11:

a) 10:45-11:30: Seminar for adults including college and high school students: an open discussion about religion and society.

b) 12:30 pm: PowerPoint Lecture: “Managing Love and Disputes in Marital Relationships.”

Love is important for a marriage to be successful. When conflicts and disputes arise, love can deteriorate. It is often at times of struggle in a relationship that couples find that marriage is an art and a science that requires mastery, methodical adherence to technique and divine strategies that empowers the couple to master their disputes rather than letting their disputes master them. This interactive session will explore the Qur’ãnic and Prophetic prowess towards pragmatic application of how to keep love alive, thriving and unshakeable in the face of disagreement.

Wednesday, March 14: 8:30-9:00 pm:

Learn the correct pronunciation of Surat al-Nãs (people), chapter 114 of the Qur’ãn. A class designed for adults and young Muslims.

Thursday, March 15 at 7:30pm:

Visiting Scholar Lecture, features Professor Ovamir Anjum, Imam Khattab Endowed Chair of Islamic Studies, University of Toledo, addressing the topic, “Islam and Romantic Love.”

Friday, March 16

Congregational Prayer at 1:30: Sermon “With Hardship Comes Ease: Reflections on Surah al-Sharh, #94.”

Sunday, March 18:

a) 10:45-11:30: Convert-sations: A seminar and coffee hour for revert/newer Muslim brothers & sisters. An open discussion about religion & society for adults and young people.

b) 12:30: PowerPoint Lecture: “The Good End: Exploring the Afterlife Adventures.”

The process of death and dying in many religions and cultures is considered a powerful opportunity for spiritual liberation. Learn how to allow the Qur’ãn and the Sunnah (Prophetic Tradition) to transform your understanding of this life-changing transition of consciousness that we call death. This extraordinary lecture will help you enhance your knowledge about our continuing evolution beyond physical matter so that you are able to come to terms within yourself, assist your loved ones in their end of life journey and create a sacred space that will comfort them and help them achieve a peaceful appreciation and spiritual contentment before returning to the creator.

Friday, March 23

Congregational Prayer at 1:30: Sermon “Why Allãh Asked His Prophet to be in harmony with the Believers.”

Sunday, March 25th:

a) 10:45-11:30: Seminar for adults including college and high school students: an open discussion about religion and society.

c) 12:30 pm: PowerPoint Lecture: “Examples of Mosquitos and Flies in the Qur’ãn: Where Science and Religion Meet.”

One of the main concepts found in the Qur’ãn is for people to ponder and reflect upon its many signs and examples. The Mosquito is an insect mentioned in the Qur’ãn in 2:26. The Makkans who were idol worshippers had been hopelessly looking for ways to objectify and ridicule verses containing seemingly small things like mosquitos, spiders, and flies. The Qur’ãnic word used for Mosquito, which is specifically that of a female mosquito, is used to highlight how insects can be miniscule, yet still an example of many of the wondrous and powerful signs of Allãh (God). This lecture will examine what an electron microscope which magnifies 400,000x confirmed: that this little ordinary creature has an extremely complicated nature and structure; a miracle for all to witness.

Friday, March 30

Congregational Prayer at 1:30: Sermon “Self-refinement as Defined in the Qur’ãn and Sunnah.”

Faithfully yours,

Imam Talal Eid
Cell: 617-365-7427 or imameid@icgt.orgImamEidPhoto