Islamic Food Bank of Toledo

Islamic Food Bank of Toledo (IFBT)

Established in September 2008


  • To empower local Muslims to fulfill their religious obligation to:
    • feed the hungry
    • help neighbors in need
    • spread peace
  • To build bridges between the Muslim community and the community-at-large in Toledo and northwest Ohio

What does the IFBT do?

  • Raise funds
  • Distribute food to children, families, and individuals in need in the area
  • Work in partnership with well-established local organizations,
    • Food banks
    • Food pantries
    • Schools
    • After-school programs
    • Faith organizations

The Islamic Food Bank of Toledo does not have storage facilities. It is a virtual food in partnership with Seagate food bank in Toledo.

They provide storage (e.g. freezers, coolers) for fresh meat, weekender food bags, and food boxes.

The IFBT is working throughout the year. During Muslim holidays, activities include:

  • Ramadan and Eid al-Adha Food Packages
    • Boxes of grocery essentials and bags of fresh meat (lamb or chicken) are distributed to families in need during the holy month of fasting and after the festival of sacrifice
  • Ramadan Hot Meal Program
    • During the month of fasting, 2,500 hot meals are distributed daily in downtown Toledo

Over the last 10 years:

  • 25,000 pounds meat (lamb, beef, chicken and turkey) and
  • 50,000 meals and snacks provided with food boxes/packages have been distributed

Weekender Food Bag Program, since 2014

Hunger does NOT take the weekend off!

Many children in public schools receive free or reduced-price school meals

But on weekends and holiday breaks are left without adequate nutrition

The Weekender food bag program was started to fill this gap by providing nutritious, child-friendly, nonperishable, single-serve meals and snacks in bags to take home

Heavy Snack Program, since 2014

Filling snacks provided to at-risk children in area after-school programs

5,000 snacks provided

Mobile Food Bank, since 2017

Many families and individuals in our neighborhoods depend on food pantries and soup kitchens to survive

Often, on weekends and in bad weather, access to these resources is very limited

We connect with these needy families through our Mobile Food Bank visits and provide the extra support they need on 2nd Saturday of each month

200+ hot meals are prepared and packaged at the ICGT, loaded in a truck and then distributed in two Toledo neighborhoods

Panera Day-End Dough-Nation Program 2018

IFBT is an official participant in Panera’s nationwide program and receives unsold bread and bakery items on a weekly basis for use in feeding the hungry in the area


  • IFBT is an ALL-VOLUNTEER-RUN organization
    • No employees! No payroll!
    • Volunteers are the life-blood of IFBT
  • All are welcome and EAGER to help!
    • Generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z, etc.
    • Members of the other Islamic centers in the area
    • Our faith partners
    • Students, teachers, and counselors

We have logged 6,000+ volunteer hours over the past 10 years!

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