Ali Abou-Arab, Council Member and Chair of Long Range Planning

For over 10 years Ali Abouarab has been a leader and innovator in his regional role with GDI Services. He has successfully led and developed a multi-state operation all while happily married to his beautiful wife Mariam for almost 15 years. Ali and Mariam have 2 sweet daughters, Jenna who is 5 and Emilia who will be celebrating her 4th birthday  in December.

Ali actively grew up in the ICGT community with his parents and 3 older brothers and now happily lives in Perrysburg where the mosque is only a short drive away.

While feeling fulfilled in his career and life at home He always knew that serving his community was the one piece missing. Ali is looking forward to being a council member for ICGT to contribute and help facilitate a better future for his kids and his community.

Ali currently serves as committee chair of Long Range Planning. 

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